Directorate Quality Enhancement

In contemporary education system, change from traditional modes of teaching, research, learning and management is desired in order to adopt a formal, transparent and credible systems of Quality Education. Such system could be obtain with internal and external verifications of processes and outcomes. Keeping in view these requirements, Hazara University established the Directorate of Quality Enhancement (DQE) on 08 July 2009. Iinitially it was named as Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) but later in 2016 the syndicate changed the name as Directorate of Quality Enhancement (DQE). The work plan was scheduled by the appointments of the new Director and Assistant Director in this cell from May 14, 2010. DQE is responsible to promote higher standards of education and research in the University and develop quality assurance processes and evaluation methods. The DQE is to introduce and implement the systematic standards and procedures for improving quality of education that positively impacts the students. To achieve this goal Higher Education Commission (HEC) has developed methods for assessing the quality of Academic Programs. It is also to monitor and evaluate the various aspects of project, service, or facility, and also to ensure that standards of quality are being met. The quality is the mean through which an institution can guarantee with confidence and certainly that the standards of its educational provisions are being maintained and enhanced. The Academic Quality Assurance concepts and practices are being developed and adopted in several education systems across the world.

DQE Events

Hazara University Became Member of APQN

Hazara University has become a member of the Asia-Pacific Quality Network (APQN) for Higher Education. ....

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