List of Affiliated Colleges (Public / Private)

S. No. Name of Affiliated College (Public/Private) Date of Affiliation Postal Address of College Area Wise Location of College

Remote/Not Remote Name of Principal Contact# Type of College (Male/Female/ Co-Education) College Category
(Commerce/Business/Mecial/Engineering/General etc
1 Govt. Postgraduate College Mansehra Public 22-May-03 College Doraha Mansehra Urban Not Remote Ghulam Mustafa 0997-380325 Co-Education General
2 Syed Ahmad Shaheed College of Commerce, Mansehra Public 22-May-03 Near District Courts, Mansehra Urban Not Remote Ms. Bazma 0997-920090 Female General
3 Govt. Degree College No. 2, Chitti Dheri, Mansehra Public 27-Apr-07 Near Baidra Chowk Chitti Dheri, Mansehra Urban Not Remote Prof. Shaheen Gul 0997-382054 Female General
4 Govt. College of Commerce and Management Sciences Mansehra Public 22-May-03 Near Pakhwal Road, Bypass, Mansehra Urban Not Remote Prof. Tasdeeq Hussain Shah 0997-302186 Co-Education Commerce & Management Sciences
5 Govt. Degree College Lassan Nawab Mansehra Public 22-May-03 Near Main Bazar, Lassan Nawab, Mansehra Rural Remote Prof. Zahid 0333-5021854 Male General
6 Govt. Degree College Oghi, Mansehra Public 22-May-03 Near FC Headquarter Oghi, Mansehra Rural Remote Prof. Zubair Hussain Shah 0997-320014 Co-Education General
7 Govt. Degree College, Balakot, Mansehra Public 22-May-03 Main Bazar Battagram Urban Remote Prof. Abdul Majid 0313-5816713 Co-Education General
8 Govt. Degree College Darband, Mansehra Public 13-Jun-11 Near Main Bazar, Darband, Mansehra Rural Remote Mr. Anwer Baig 0997-580344 Male General
9 Govt. College of Commerce, Balakot, Mansehra Public 3-Feb-16 Balakot Bazar, Balakot Urban Remote Prof. Shah Fiaz 0997-501409 Co-Education Commerce & Management Sciences
10 Govt. Girls Degree College, Parhena, Mansehra Public 21-May-14 Near Main Bazar Parhena, Mansehra Rural Remote Ms. Robina 0322-5858459 Female General
11 Govt. Degree College Pattan, Kohistan Public 21-Feb-11 Main Bazar Pattan Near FWO Camp Kohistan Rural Remote Mr. Zubaid Khan 0345-9624475 Male General
12 Govt. Degree College Dassu, Kohistan Public 18-Jul-17 Near Main Bazar Dassu, Kohistan Rural Remote Muzaffar Khan 0300-5632717 Male General
13 Govt. Girls Degree College Battagram Public 2011 Main Bazar, Battagram, Mansehra Urban Remote Ms. Farzana Shaheen 0997-543636 Female General
14 Govt. Degree College Battagram Public 22-May-03 Battagram Urban Remote Prof. Ahmed Saeed 0997-311028 Co-Education General
15 Jinnah Degree College of Commerce, Mansehra Private 24-Feb-11 Butt Pull Shahrah-e-Resham, Shinkiari Road, Mansehra Urban Not Remote Mr. Fayyaz Ahmed 0997-302808 Co-Education Commerce & Management Sciences
16 Fatima-Tuz-Zohra Girls Degree College, Mansehra Private 22-May-07 Safdar Road, Dab # 1, Mansehra Urban Not Remote Mr. Malik Zahid 0997-307808 Female General
17 Mansehra College of Education, Mansehra Private 20-Jan-10 Safdar Road, Dab # 1, Mansehra Urban Not Remote Mr. Naveed Ahmad (Closed) 0997-440446 Co-Education Education
18 Syed Ahmad Shaheed College of Commerce, Mansehra Private 31-Dec-09 Pakhwal chowk near shell Petrol pump, Silk Route, Mansehra Urban Not Remote Mr. Fayyaz Ahmed 0333-5213544 Co-Education Commerce
19 Pakistan Degree College of Commerce, Mansehra Private 1-Sep-10 Pakhwal Chowk Dhangri Road, Mansehra Urban Not Remote Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmad 0312-1860632 Co-Education Commerce
20 New Shaheen College of Management Education and Social Sciences, Mansehra Private 14-Feb-12 Baidra Chowk, Dab # 1, Mansehra Urban Not Remote Mr. Ibrar Ahmad 0333-9363653, 0345-5915330 Co-Education General & Commerce
21 International College of Accountancy & Management Sciences, Gari Habib Ullah, Mansehra Private 27-Jan-12 Baber Colony, Gari Habib Ullah, Tehsil Balakot, Mansehra Rural Remote M. Shafiq 0997-450721 Co-Education General & Commerce
22 Quaid-e-Azam College of Commerce , Mansehra Private 18-Jul-11 Khaki Road, College Doraha, Mansehra Urban Not Remote Mr. Faheem Ahmed 0997-306363 Co-Education Commerce
23 Muslim College of Commerce & Management Sciences, Mansehra Private 11-Mar-13 Near Govt. Commerce College, Mansehra. Urban Not Remote Mr. Saleem Hayat 0997-440446 Co-Education Commerce
24 Noor College for Girls, Mansehra Private 8-Oct-13 Shah Nawaz Chowk Mansehra Urban Not Remote Mr. Abdul Shakoor 0997-391010 Female General
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