Hazara University Became Member of APQN

Hazara University has become a member of the Asia-Pacific Quality Network (APQN) for Higher Education. APQN is working for enhancement of the quality of higher education in Asia and Pacific region through strengthening the work of ‘quality assurance organizations’ and extending the cooperation between them. It is a self-sustaining Network which is visioning a first point of reference for advice, efficient in its operations and open in its information sharing with the members and is supportive to quality organizations in the region. The network was founded in 2003, after 16-year development, APQN is having 222 members from 41 countries/territories and is the largest and the most influential international organization on higher education in this Region. Hazara University submitted the application in Nov 2017 and passed through a sedulous process of application review from Membership Committee and the APQN Board for obtaining the membership. Gaining this membership of APQN is an evidence of HU’s active interest in quality assurance which materialized with the support of Directorate of Quality Enhancement (DQE-HU). The DQE carries the inspiration tagline slogan ‘Do it right even no one is looking’ and warrants for maintaining high standards in all matters of the University covering a wide range of academic programmes through international collaborations and recognition. The internationalization of higher education has made affiliation with international bodies such as APQN & INQAAHE demanding to the continuous progress and development of higher education institutions. They enable institutions to share best practice and expertise that promote continuous improvement. Additionally, participation in global initiatives like INQAAHE/APQN leverages the benefits of supranational collaboration and advocacy in a competitive international environment. Such membership creates easier access to current information and practical tools on the assessment, improvement and maintenance of quality in higher education. Hazara University being member of APQN can expand its knowledge base through various activities including:

  • Participation in the APQN Annual Conference.
  • Branding of the organization.
  • Co-organising international seminars, workshops or for a together with APQN.
  • Participating and applying for the APQN Awards.
  • Access to the Consultant Data Base and getting advice on different and specific quality assurance matters from the consultants.
  • Receiving the electronic APQN News/Annual Report.
  • Publishing qualified research papers in the APQN Academic Proceedings.
  • Access to the electronic periodical of the academic journal, “Higher Education Evaluation and Development (HEE)”.
  • Right to apply for the accreditation of APQN Quality Label for HEIs.

Prior to it, in year 2017 Hazara University had become member of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE), a world-wide association of organizations that is active in the theory and practice of quality assurance (QA) in higher education (HE). Recently, the INQAAHE Conference 2019 and the 15th Biennial Annual Academic Conference (AAC) of APQN held in Colombo Sri Lanka from 25-28 Mar and 29-30 Mar 2019 respectively, in which two members team from Hazara University, the Director Quality Enhancement Lt Cdr (R) Dr Mahmood Khan and Additional Director Dr Tauseef Qureshi participated. The Hazara University attainment of membership of international Quality networks/organizations in higher education, is an acknowledgement and grasp in the backdrop of the pivotal role of quality assurance and continuous improvement in the global higher education environment.